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Hosted IP Phone and PBX Options

Host My Calls - offers great flexibility for managing your inbound business calls. Support Engineers are U.S. Based, Experienced, Knowledgeable and ACCESSIBLE. CRM Integration with all the leading providers like Sugar, Salesforce, Zendesk.....

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Home Office Recommendations


In order to set up your Home Office you will want the following:

  • Internet - Minimum speed of 10x10 with maximum latency of 50ms

  • Host My Calls Phone of your choice

  • Glocomm Mobile App to take calls while away from the office

  • Desk

  • Computer or tablet

Options you may want:

  • eFax or traditional analog fax gateway (we can help you decide)

  • Wifi

  • Printer/scanner

  • Wireless or wired headset

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